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Residential Modern Architects in Houston

Residential Modern Architects in Houston are known for the architectural design of residential buildings. Architectural design usually refers to the arrangement of space and the way that spaces are used to provide access, light, ventilation, and security. Architectural design may be applied to interior spaces such as the living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom of a building or to exterior spaces such as a garden, front yard, or pool area. Residential design encompasses a wide variety of styles, such as modern residential architecture and postmodern residential architecture. The use of geometric forms and straight lines is at the heart of residential design.

modern architects in Houston

If you are looking for a new house to purchase or are planning to build a new home, then it is advisable to go for a bungalow design and consult with Residential Modern Architects in Houston. Bungalow design essentially refers to a residential dwelling which is either a bungalow or a one-story villa with a rectangular or approximately square floor plan. Although modern bungalow designs are becoming popular with young couples who are planning to settle down in a big city, bungalow designs are also used in many traditional home plans and are considered timeless and elegant. The rooms in a bungalow can be arranged in different ways. For example, in a bungalow you could have a master bedroom, an extra bedroom, a guest room, an entertainment room, a dining room, and a recreational room. A beautiful three-bedroom bungalow can definitely transform into a luxurious home.

The duplex house is a kind of a modern house which is made up of two-storey units. The duplex is usually constructed on the top of an existing two story residential house. Duplex houses are usually much more costly than its single-story counterparts. One major advantage of a duplex design is that it can easily accommodate additional residents. This is one reason why many people prefer to buy a duplex house. Contact us if your looking for Residential Modern Architects in Memorial.