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Commercial architect in Austin create plans and specifications for buildings, including factories and offices, commercial shops and retail outlets, airports, rail and transportation terminals, hospitals, and educational and sports facilities. They are responsible for the layout of the building, including what types of interior and exterior features will be present, the structure’s utilities and other pertinent details. The architect also must work with the various owners and operators of the building to ensure that the project follows building codes and meets all insurance requirements.

Architectural services cover a wide range of services from general planning and design to the construction project itself. However, they often combine their services with those of other professionals, so that clients have access to a wide range of technical expertise without having to coordinate the various specialists on their own. Architects frequently work with interior designers, engineers, surveyors, and planners. Some specialize in only one or two types of architecture, while others provide a full range of architectural services.

The most common areas where an architect offers his services include residential, business, institutional, and public sector projects. Residential projects may include apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, housing complexes, and single-family residences. Commercial architects in Houston may include office buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, strip malls, stadiums, and office buildings. Institutional projects can include schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, or other facilities.