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Driven Architecture at Dwight Patterson Architects focuses on client inspired design driven solutions. We’re a award-wining design firm that values relationships and where design comes first. We’re committed to the best creative solutions that inspire a greater sense of satisfaction for you, the client.

 We’re Architects experienced in the design of commercial, restaurant and worship architecture. However, we specialize in residential designs providing solutions that we believe improves lives and lift their spirits. Good Architecture has that power, whether in a mighty new project or a simple renovation of an existing building.

We have a passion for projects of all sizes

We’ve contributed to solving Client design challenges for more than 20 years. Believing that design is a conversation between Client & Architect, we explore and creates solutions that are collaborative with the Client and specific to the Client. We offer Contemporary Modern design solutions with no project being too small or too complex.
We create architecture balanced with its natural environment. Along with being aesthetically appropriate to the site, neighborhood or community, our goal is to complete projects that are energy conscious, add value and inspire a greater sense of who the Client is.

Knowing that well designed architecture is an investment, we provide a multi-layered process including quality control. Our goals include: Quality functional design, interesting aesthetic design, quality construction, added value realized and our clients’ satisfaction.

We know that every successful project begins with the right questions and a conversation.

2019 AIA Sandcastle Competition

American Institute of Architects Annual Sandcastle Competition

Focused on adding value for our clients

Our process and drawings are developed with layered quality control so that, we reduce change orders, reduce litigation and make our clients happy. This process of clarity is worth 10-100 times it’s up front cost and is best considered an investment in the overall value of the project.

We provide clients functional aesthetically pleasing and cost effective projects.

We save clients money through the use of sustainable materials, design, and technology.

We know the ins and outs of the design, construction and permitting process. It’s our job to know the details, again saving clients time and money.

What we are not …

Cut rate Architects…We pride ourselves on the quality, experience and service we provide. Staying deeply involved with our clients throughout the process, is something we sincerely believe in. As full service Architects, involved through construction and completion of your project, we are not the least expensive Architect or Designer. If you need someone to quickly stamp or draft plans for your contractor, you’ll find others better suited and more cost effective.

Very small project Architects…Although we are capable of small projects such as Kitchen and Bath remodels, we may not be the most cost effective solution for you. We focus on projects being build from the ground up or full renovations.

Interior Decorators…Selecting finishes and fixtures is part of the services we provide in the design process of new construction and full renovations. If looking for help selecting fabrics or furniture, we can assist you in locating a talented interior decorator or designer with more expertise for these services.

Your project leader

Dwight D. Patterson

Dwight D. Patterson, AIA

Following 20 years of practice in California, Dwight once again proudly calls Texas home. Though Dwight can’t consider himself a true Texas native, his family roots date back to the early 1900’s. Spending summers with family in the Hill Country and attending High School in New Braunfels, Dwight has an inherent fondness for Texas; the culture, abundant beauty and family values.

With over 25 years’ experience in the field of architecture and as a Registered Architect, Dwight has been involved in many different project types including: single-family residential, design/build; church campus projects, some of which include education components; various commercial retail & restaurant projects; and civic architecture such as libraries and fire stations.  Many of these projects incorporated sustainability features attaining LEED Certification. Dwight has taken projects from master planning through construction documents managing projects through all architectural phases, including bidding and construction administration. Dwight’s experience has led him to a high level of design and management, delivering creative projects within budget and on schedule.

Registered Architect in the States of Texas and California

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Houston Chapter, American Institute of Architects
Orange County Chapter, American Institute of Architects (AIAOC)
Texas Society of Architects (TSA)

Cal OES Certified (Governor’s Office of Emergency Services)

Are you…

Looking for an Advocate that supports and defends your project goals?

Looking for an Architect who deliver consistently when it counts?

Looking for design that can enhances your daily life?

Join us for an informal meeting

We always welcome the opportunity to have you visit, show our work and introduce you to the faces behind our projects. With better understanding of our depth of experience, attention to your program and passion for design, leads to successful and unique architectural solutions.

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