There are barely any cities in the world that have a design culture that is growing as exponentially as Austin, Texas. It has been ranked as the best place to live in the US. Austin has been experiencing a boom in construction in this decade. As a Modern Architect in Austin, with a huge variety in residential styles, we are continuing the legacy of modern design in our city. We emphasize detailing and craft and our new projects often use simple forms and geometry as they appear around lakes, hills, and the urban area. 

A modern house with a garage and a balcony.

Austin is known for its subtle beauty. It is also called the City of the Violet Crown because you can see a glow of light around the hills if you see them after sunset. Austin has a distinguished design aesthetic and as Modern architects Austin, we are bringing modern homes to reality. Our homes are built in a variety of layouts and hierarchies and are usually made using contrasting materials to bring together spaces and views where people live together. Our approach to residential design in Austin is represented as modern, inviting, and peaceful. 

We have been in this industry for a while and we focus on commercial work and residential design. As modern architects in Houston, we focus to create a home that is all about beauty and comfort for the person who shall reside in it. Most of our work reflects different architectural styles since we work off our client’s desires. We can also arrange and plan many rooms in a limited space, so if you want more in a small space, we are the ideal Modern residential architects for you. 

As a Residential architect in Austin, we receive many requests from our clients to add or renovate their homes. Many of our clients often feel that they have outgrown their home, but they do not wish to move to another space because they are attached to the memories there or like their location. As your architect, it is our duty to make sure your requests blend into your pre-existing structure seamlessly. Most of us have come across a home whose additions simply do not feel right. However, we will make sure your property appears welcoming to work and to live. We create designs that result in a harmonious and peaceful home. If you are looking for a home that will be a modern addition to the vintage vibe of Texas, then contact us today.