Project Description

There are thousands of abandoned shipping containers in ports around the world. With an abundance of them in North America, many architects and developers are asking themselves, “How can we utilize Shipping Containers that would otherwise be waisted.”

With a belief that everyone deserves innovative residential design regardless of economic standing, DPA is building on a foundation of affordable housing solutions in our urban communities.

Each unit utilizes six shipping containers; creating 1,500 square feet of open concept living space on two levels. The first floor includes a generous Living Room with double height ceiling, Dining Room, Kitchen / Utility Room and a Powder Room. Two Bedroom Suites with dedicated Bathrooms, Closets and Storage comprise the second level and are connected by a bridge that overlooks the Living Room below. High ceilings with large windows for daylighting create a more open feel in the upper level. The original exterior material has intentionally been left exposed in order to express that they were Shipping Containers. Heat reflective white paint and closed cell insulation has been utilized to keep interiors cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Vertical trellises, planted to shade the exterior walls, are an additional measure to shade the home from the Texas sun. Additionally, the standing seam metal roof structure is designed to accommodate future photovoltaic cells.

Through an expression of simple forms and utilization of sensible materials, Mainer Homes are intended to promote well designed housing that provides privacy, energy consciousness and affordability in our communities.

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